The Storyteller


She who tells the best story wins.

My personal media strategy

The Storyteller: This very blog! Media, marketing, PR and the like. Tales from the trenches of corporate communication as the media world explodes. The revolution will be blogged.

Twitter: Little bon mots and rants that are too brief for blogs. I also link to stories I think are interesting but about which I don’t have a lot to add. My Twitter feed is posted on The Storyteller.

LinkedIn: Professional me. My online resume, plus contact management system. If I’ve met you in any kind of professional setting I will Link with you. No hard feelings if you don’t accept. If you are a current colleague with whom I interact regularly I probably don’t think to Link, but am happy to.

And Baby Makes Four (ABMF): My personal blog. All babies, all the time. Pictures of the kiddies, funny stuff they do, health and milestone updates. Funny stories from the front lines of parenting today.

How She Does It (HSDI): ABMF + the down-and-dirty truths about life as a working mom. Some political rants (I’m a liberal Dem — the kind who isn’t afraid to use the “L” word …). If you want all of the cheer and none of the angst, just read ABMF. If you want the whole story, read HSDI. Note that ABMF automatically re-posts to HSDI.  Also, HSDI is on Tumblr, so if you are on Tumblr you can follow me.

Facebook: As my Twitter feed is to The Storyteller, my Facebook feed is to ABMF and HSDI.  Brief, wry observations of life. I also post articles I find interesting, mainly because the Facebook share function is easy and ubiquitous. ABMF automatically publishes into my Facebook feed.

In summary …

If you want to be my friend, Facebook me.

If you want to work with me, Link with me.

If you want to read about my happy life, check out And Baby Makes Four

If you want to read about my real life, read How She Does It

If you want to read my thoughts on media, marketing and PR, read The Storyteller

If you want bits of wisdom about media, marketing and PR, follow me on Twitter

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