The Storyteller


She who tells the best story wins.

Who is The Storyteller?

My name is Tami Monahan Forman and I am the director of corporate communications for a great company, Return Path.

I began my career as a college newspaper editor. When I graduated, newspapers weren’t hiring so I went into book publishing. After a couple of years of indentured servitude I thought that the internet looked promising. So I spent a few years as an editor at websites like iVillage and I arrived at Return Path as an email consultant and worked with clients for a few years. Then I made my way into the marketing department and here I am.

Humans love stories … they are absolutely inherent in our very being. We need them to make sense of our world. I see the story of my life, so far, as one of telling stories. And as I contemplate my current role as a communications director I see that a big part of it is helping others to tell stories, too.

So, with that introduction, let me tell you a story …


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